GEORG celebrated successful 10 years of operation at the annual meeting last year. The cluster operations during the eleventh year were strong and growing as last year, 2019, was the largest in terms of revenue. The number of employees has been stable at seven for two years following a fast growth in the previous years. The board encompasses nine members, four representing academia and research institutes, four representing industry, and chairman who is the ninth member. This assures a broad representation in the GEORG board and aids in connecting cluster members to the operation. GEORG has continued to influence the European strategy in the geothermal arena by participating in several committees and working groups and is participating in a number of Horizon 2020 projects, the largest being DEEPEGS that will conclude successfully in 2020. GEORG will continue to operate for the benefit of its members by developing opportunities in the geothermal sector, including GEOTHERMICA and Krafla Magma Testbed, and by participating in geothermal projects as an impartial collaboration platform that builds bridges between academia, industry, and public authorities.

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