Geothermal Research Project Management

GEORG provides project management for large international projects and partnerships. GEORG has successfully run several
larger and smaller project offices, administrating research, and innovation projects in the energy sphere. GEORG is a
platform for research driven collaboration between universities, scientific institutions, geothermal power companies, engineering
consultancies, clean energy start-ups and public institutions.

Strategy & Policy

Since its establishment, GEORG has participated in the development of an expansive geothermal network in Europe and
USA. GEORG has wide ranging expertise in geothermal strategy and policy support and has been instrumental in shaping the
financial vehicles and support programmes aimed at accelerating the uptake of geothermal energy in Europe and worldwide.

Grant application assistance

GEORG provides expertise in applying for grants at the European and international level. The wide ranging network of GEORG,
optimizes the potential of applicants and improves the success rate for research grant applications by incorporating it for the
benefits of the participants.

Outreach & Dissemination

GEORG endeavours to form a platform to promote knowledge on the geothermal energy resource, its utilization potential,
sustainability, and environmental issues. This is accomplished through training and information sharing through courses,
workshops, seminars, and conferences. Promotion of the geothermal energy resource at the European and international
level increases the awareness of the opportunities the renewable energy source offers.

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