Biological Utilization of Geothermal Gas
- 09-01-017
Coordinator: Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson, University of Iceland
Project finished in 2012

Total project cost

ISK 15.8 M


ISK 2.5 M





Phd students


The objective of the project focuses on a functional and economically viable solution to the problem of hydrogen sulphide exhaust from geothermal power plants. Biological utilization of the geothermal gas (GEOGAS), has until now been the only proposed explanation that could be economically feasible for the Icelandic situation. All other proposed or known methods would be too expensive for geothermal power plants in Iceland, due to the much lower electricity price than, for example in California and Europe.

A key element in the project has been to do all experiments and development work directly on site, using real geothermal gas produced under industrial conditions from fully operating power plants. This will naturally bring in numerous problems and unexpected incidents that would not happen if similar experiments were to be done under artificial laboratory conditions using controlled, synthetic gas.




Final report 2011

How to make protein from geothermal gas; Ævarsson, A. (2011); Department of Chemistry, University of Iceland.

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Bioprocess design: The GEOGAS Project – Bioremediation of geothermal gases and SCP production with HOX/SOX bacteria; Monit, M. (2009); RES- The Renewable Energy School, Iceland, Master’s thesis.

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