GEOforFOOD webinar invitation

GEORG has the pleasure to share the news and invite you to the GEOforFOOD webinar on Tuesday, June 29 2021, at 15:30 CEST. Please register for the webinar by use of the online form- link here   [...]

GEORG Annual Meeting 2021

On March 18, 2021, GEORG Geothermal Research Group holds the organisation’s Annual Meeting, which will be an online event. The meeting provides the opportunity for members and fellows to [...]

GEORG Newsletter 2020

We have published our annual newsletter! This year has revealed itself in a unique and unexpected form, challenging many aspects of our lives, personally and professionally.  Visit GEORG [...]

EEA Grants- Energy Matchmaking event

Today GEORG took part in the  “EEA Grants Energy Matchmaking” event under the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Programme (PL-CLIMATE) supported by the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The [...]

Cordis Results Pack on geothermal

In the latest CORDIS Result Pack issued in April 2020, you can discover the latest innovative EU funded projects. #DEEPEGS and #GEOTHERMICA were mentioned as two out of twelve brief articles. In [...]

WEBINAR | DEEPEGS Project Final Meeting

WEBINAR | DEEPEGS H2020 Project Final Meeting is organised as an open conference in Reykjavik Iceland. The achievements of the project will be displayed through a series of presentations and [...]


In order to reach the goals of placing Europe at the forefront of the low carbon energy scene, an Implementation Working Group (IWG) was created to move forward the Deep Geothermal [...]

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