European Geothermal Congress is a unique opportunity for the entire geothermal community to come together and to learn, finding new ways to progress. Organised every 3 years, EGC is the largest geothermal event in Europe. It is a week of varied events designed to appeal and support and develop everyone working in the field, both in and outside the continent.

GEORG successfully submitted two papers during the application process:

  1. Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems a GEORG collaborative projects- oral presentation;
  2. GEORG – Geothermal Research Cluster cooperation- Joint effort in geothermal energy research- poster presentation; Paper link

Both of them will be presented at the conference in Strasbourg upcoming September 2016 and preparation is in progress.



GEORG is supported by the Science and Technology Policy Council in Iceland through their Centers of Excellence and Research Clusters program (Grant number: RAN090326-1303).

The GEORG team (Hjalti P. Ingólfsson and Alicja W. Stokƚosa) would like to thank all partners for their active and flexible participation in writing both papers; GEORG team: Magnus T. Gudmundsson, Rúnar Unnthórsson, Einar J. Ásbjörnsson, Steinunn Hauksdóttir, Bjarni Pálsson, Oddur B. Björnsson, Ernst Huenges, Sigurdur M. Gardarsson

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