GEORG Team is excited to announce a new website and the robust information it provides for organization members and media to better understand GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster service. It is believed that this new site will allow visitors to have an informative experience as GEORG continue to grow and increase market presence.

It features section on Projects and Publications where visitors can learn about involvement and cofounded projects by organization since 2009 and up-to-date news from GEORG office work. The website provide information on events and activities involving GEORG and its partners. GEORG new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of partners projects, geothermal business activity, geothermal milestones, innovation in the geothermal sector, and events not only connected to GEORG itself but also the worldwide geothermal community. The website includes a database of all supported research projects achieved between 2009 – 2016 and shows the research results.

We encourage you to get familiar with this new website: explore as many sections as you can, open the links, play with the menus and options, and  let us know what you think about


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