We at GEORG are thrilled to announce joining the launch of our Arctic Cooperation Webinars Series project with a webinar on: “Regional Development and Food Security in the Arctic: The Role of Geothermal Energy” October 20th 16:00 – 18:00 GMT. Organised by Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network and Co-organiser:

Participants of the event:

Arctic Economic Council Ifapa and Alfa LavalKitselas Geothermal Inc.



  • Opening Remarks – Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Iceland
  • Chair: Introduction – Jennifer Spence, Executive Secretary, Sustainable Development Working Group,

Arctic Council discussion

  • Shaping of regional sustainability indicators in the creation, implementation & monitoring of sustainable development in IcelandBjarni Herrera, CEO, CIRCULAR Solutions
  • The role & use of geothermal energy in the Arctic: Analysis of the Icelandic case, synthesis of best practices, Lessons Learned
    Alicja Wiktoria Stoklosa, Project Manager, GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster
  • Food security & production in cold climates: Analysis of the Dutch case. Synthesis of best practices & lessons learned
    Martin van der Hout, Former Secretary General, Dutch Association of Geothermal Operators
  • Involvement of private and industrial stakeholders in regional & municipal development in the Arctic
    – Heiðar Guðjónsson, Chairman, Arctic Economic Council
  • Perspective from First Nation‘s Kitselas on the development of geothermal energy in British Columbia, Canada
    David Try, Board Chair and Board Director, Kitselas Geothermal Inc.
  • Greenhouses, heating and cold climates: The problems of infectious diseases in seeds and crops
    –Dirk Janssen, Lead Researcher and Virologist, Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía IFAPA
  • Technical aspects of geothermal energy and the development of greenhouses and fish farms
    Marten Ahlm, Application Expert, Alfa Laval


  • Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association
  • Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson, Operational Manager, GEORG
  • Alexander Richter, Managing Director, Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster
  • Sigurður H. Markússon, Business Development Manager, Landsvirkjun – National Power Company of Iceland

Globally, the use of geothermal energy has been growing due to the versatility of its applications in the development of cities and municipalities: electricity production and heating, both allowing the sustainable development of households, public street lighting, buildings, public accommodations and industries. In the Arctic region, the use of renewable energy has been a central topic as fossil-fuel-based energy production is expensive, has a heavy carbon footprint impact, generates a risk of pollution and is subject to fluctuations in the transportation chain. In this sense, Iceland is an expert in using geothermal energy for energy production and heating, developing agriculture in greenhouses for domestic markets and achieving municipal and regional development. That is the reason why renewable energies, and more concretely geothermal energy, have their full role in sustainable, social, industrial and commercial development in Arctic communities, achieving energy, food and health security. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the discussion and bring your own ideas and comments!

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Arctic Meeting Room!

Meeting report available on the Arctic Resilience forum website

The Arctic cooperation webinar – summary report

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