Do you want to present your research results at workshops and conferences?  Do you wish to meet new people involved in the geothermal industry and develop your network? Then, the GEORG travel grant is what you are looking for. We are opening 7th round of the graduate student travel support that may be able to help cover flight, accommodation, attendance fee or other fees to participate in the event.

GEORG Student Travel Support is now open for graduate students until Sunday, 24 September 2017. In past programs, GEORG has supported 66 students. 

Travel support

GEORG will provide support for participants’ travel, accommodations and participation fee to attend the geothermal research related conference. These will be reviewed competitively, be sure to follow the guidelines carefully.

The travel grant: 100,000 ISK for your trip

Application review criteria

We’re looking to support people who will contribute in very active and meaningful ways to the quality of the conference. Evaluators will keep the following criteria in mind when evaluating the application:

  1. Is the project on geothermal/ within the scope of GEORG?
  2. Is the student presenting his/her work at the conference?
    1. A student presenting will gain much more from the meeting as well as the presentation is important for his project and presumably also for the aims of GEORG.
  3. Is the project funded by GEORG?
    1. If it is, does the GEORG grant already include conference costs and if so why should GEORG support this separately?
  4. Students doing projects not funded by GEORG are considered
    1. The general rule is however to support only students that are linked with GEORG partners.
  5. Has the student been given a travel grant by GEORG before?
    1. If so, students that have not been granted before should be a priority, given that the application is of equal quality?

How to apply

Follow steps outlined on the online form page, and submit your application by Sunday, 24 September 2017 at the latest. No late applications will be considered.

The online form includes:

  1. General personal information
  2. Current study program information
  3. Request for Funding
    • Event information
    • Cost details
  4. Supporting documents (PDF, max 20MB each) to be uploaded:
    • Abstract
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • If available: Verification of accepted presentation(s) from the conference organizers


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