In order to support and assist Icelandic companies and organizations in apply to the EU Horizon2020, Rannis, Enterprise Europe Network at Innovation Center Iceland, Iceland Geothermal and GEORG have teamed up and decided to try a new technique in introducing the program.  Two events will be held on this occasion, the first October 28th and the second one October 30th.

In the first meeting, the program will be introduced, followed by a presentation on how it is to apply and participate in an EU project and an introduction to the support available to Icelandic applicants

The second event will be a workshop.  There will be a brief introduction to the geothermal cluster-cooperation’s and the possibilities that it offers and as short presentations from consultants companies in the field of application consultancy, where emphasis will be placed on assistance to applicants.

The events will be held in Orkugardur, Grensásvegi 9 and it will be in Icelandic.

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