Meeting postponed to autumn 2017. Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, we have to cancelled the upcoming event with GA Drilling. New meeting date will be sent in September 2017.

GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster together with GA Drilling, a high-tech company developing and commercializing a groundbreaking technology platform PLASMABIT, would like to invite you to a meeting which is a part of an activity of strengthening bilateral relations aimed to establish long-term contacts between GA Drilling (Slovakia) and GEORG (Iceland) through the on-site exhibitions and business meetings. This bilateral initiative would contribute to global changemakers coalition inspired by Singularity University. Its mission is to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies as geothermal energy advancements to address humanity’s grand challenges.

GA Drilling will hold a presentation on the technology used by Slovak high-tech company developing plasma-based drilling tool for accessing deep geothermal energy reservoirs. This groundbreaking technology tackles current deep drilling cost and embodies the unique alternative to inefficient drilling methods. Fully-developed plasma approach can tap deep geothermal resources anywhere.

The project deals with geothermal energy development, which has been neglected in challenging environmental issues, especially adaption to climate change. Plus, to demonstrate a full geothermal energy potential in benchmark country like Iceland. The mission is to bring testimony to Slovakia by recording video blogs.

Registration to be announced   


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