The DRG project aims to understand the relationship between water and magma in the roots of volcanoes and how heat is transferred into geothermal systems to maintain their energy. Furthermore, the design of wells and wellheads for high temperatures was a focal point of the project, as well as methods for utilizing superheated steam from greater depths.

The research performed by three groups made up of representatives from universities, research institutes, engineering companies and energy companies, and allowed the training of young scientists and conducted to work in the DRG field, giving a substantial input to the project outcome.

GEORG Geothermal Research Cluster initiates the project by assigning funding to support research projects and service to participants by providing a platform that links different disciplines and encourages cooperation between academia and industry. This task achieved through matchmaking, contact sharing, knowledge sharing among partners, training opportunities, seminars, and workshops and promoting cooperation in the field of deep roots of geothermal energy.

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