GEORG has been running the DEEPEGS Project Office and leading the dissemination and communication activities for 3 years. The goal of the DEEPEGS project is to demonstrate the feasibility of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) for delivering energy from renewable resources in Europe. After successful drilling at Reykjanes down to 4,659 meters in January 2017 some problems occurred in the well 6 months later. Despite from these problems it has been decided to start the flow test of the Reykjanes well in April 2019. After several months of delays in France it was decided to move the demonstration site from Valence to Vandenheim last year. Drilling started there in VDH2 in July 2018 and flow test is expected to begin in autumn 2019.

The Projects cover a broad range of topics such as heat storage, managing induced seismicity, EGS drilling and completion, production operations, composite casing and integrated applications of geothermal heat.  They have participants from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, France, Flanders, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Azores Portugal.

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